2021 Homestead 100% Soy Wax Fall / Holiday Scents

With the release of our new Homestead 8.5oz Soy Wax Tumbler Candles we have also released our new fragrances for the Fall & Holiday seasons. See below of the new fragrances and descriptions. Our entire Homestead Collection has introductory pricing of 15% off now through the end of the year.

Homestead 100% Soy Wax Fall & Holiday

American Bayberry: The all time favorite scent of cedar wood, oak moss and earthy bayberries, this one is woodsy and fresh! It is individually crafted with richly scented wax and natural botanical accents.

Cinnamon Whiskey & Spruce: Get the Holiday festivities underway! This fragrance has warm cinnamon spices and smoky, full-bodied whiskey paired with fresh cool spruce.

Cranberry & Winter Squash: This might just become your new favorite fall fragrance. Tart cranberries mix perfectly with the hints of chestnut, butternut squash, and sweet pumpkin puree.

Flamin' Mallow: It's a flaming mallow! Roasting marshmallows on cool nights is a great American tradition. Memories! Subtle bonfire scent combined with the sweet aroma of roasted marshmallow and topped off with hints of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.

Frasier Fir & Thyme: Fresh cut Frasier Fir topped with aromatic notes of herbaceous snaps of fresh thyme and a bit of festive apple and berries.

Holiday Sparkle: Take Christmas, and then stuff it into a candle. Boom! You have this scent. An enchanting blend of soft pine and warming patchouli which forms the base for this remarkable seasonal scent!

Roasted Pumpkin & Spice: This might just be the perfect Fall fragrance. An instant classic. Sweet warmed roasted pumpkin drenched with caramel, ginger, vanilla bean, and, clove.

Pumpkin Latte: It's THAT time a year again and it feels so right. Pumpkin Lattes EVERYWHERE! A baristas favorite. Espresso blended with caramel, steam milk, and with velvety pumpkin. 

Tobacco & Fireside: The aroma of sitting by a campfire smoking pipe tobacco. Fresh pine and cedarwood are accented with patchouli, golden amber, warm musk, and a touch of Eucalyptus

Winter Forest: A snow covered forest, freshly fallen snow, Narnia, winter wonderland... whatever you want to call it this is the scent. Breathe in the scent of fresh snow covered cypress trees and hints of wintery forest berries.

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