Snowflakes At Midnight 24oz Pantry Jar by Swan Creek Candle

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Snowflakes At Midnight 24oz Pantry Jar by Swan Creek Candle

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Swan Creek Candle - Snowflakes At Midnight 24 oz Jar - A wonderful blend of vanilla, oak, and notes of amber musk; a previous fragrance and wonderful fall and winter fragrance! Ah, experience the relaxing sensation of lightly falling snow at midnight!

These 24 oz candles have the perfect combination of quality, size and value.

Each is made in the USA with premium-grade American soy wax and a natural wick which ensures a quality burn and excellent fragrance throw.

They are 7"H by 3.75"W with an easily removable label if a more formal look is desired and burn for 110+ hours.

American Soybean Wax

100% natural

Swan Creek Candle dedicates every effort to create sustainable and natural products. Our American Soybean Wax burns pure, with beauty and aroma; plus, it burns longer than paraffin AND is made from a naturally renewable source.

inspired fragrances

50+ Scents

Our 24oz Kitchen Pantry Jars are poured in reusable containers. Each fragrance is handpicked and inspired by the everyday! Strong scent throw & perfect for any room!

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