Island Shaved Ice 24oz Pantry Jar by Swan Creek Candle

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Island Shaved Ice 24oz Pantry Jar by Swan Creek Candle

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Fragrance Description: Island Shaved Ice is a deliciously exotic fragrance that captures the essence of a tropical paradise. Its top notes are an invigorating blend of lime, pineapple, and coconut, which create a refreshing and zesty aroma. The heart of the scent is a delectable mix of freshly-shaved ice, sugary vanilla, and light musk. 

These 24 oz candles have the perfect combination of quality, size and value. Each is made in the USA with premium-grade American soy wax and a natural wick which ensures a quality burn and excellent fragrance throw. They are 6.75"H by 3.75"W with an easily removable label if a more formal look is desired.

Size: 24oz

American Soybean Wax

100% natural

Swan Creek Candle dedicates every effort to create sustainable and natural products. Our American Soybean Wax burns pure, with beauty and aroma; plus, it burns longer than paraffin AND is made from a naturally renewable source.

inspired fragrances

50+ Scents

Our 24oz Kitchen Pantry Jars are poured in reusable containers. Each fragrance is handpicked and inspired by the everyday! Strong scent throw & perfect for any room!