Universe 14.5oz 3-Wick Elements Candle by Root Candles

Root Candles

Universe 14.5oz 3-Wick Elements Candle by Root Candles

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Fragrance Description

Universe - An attractive medley of soft, powdery florals and night-blooming jasmine embraced by sparkling sea crystals and aquatic musk layered with marine-drenched woods.

About Root Candles - Elements 3 Wick Candle - 14.5 oz

ELEMENTS, a collection of four harmonious fragrances inspired by the four balancing elements of nature. Presented in three sizes, our new distinctively modern square glass and new scented tealights will envelop your home with rich, bold fragrance.

*Upcycle Tip - Use your clean, empty candle glass and lid to store bathroom essentials such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, and makeup brushes. Also makes a great flower or fresh herb vase in the kitchen!

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