Blue Sage & Bergamot Timeless Swan Creek Candle

Swan Creek Candle Co.

Blue Sage & Bergamot 12oz Timeless Jar by Swan Creek Candle

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Fragrance Description: Blue Sage & Bergamot is a unique and complex scent that combines the warmth of bergamot with the earthy, herbal aroma of blue sage. This fragrance has an almost woody base note that is brightened by the citrusy bergamot top note. It is a perfect balance of light and dark, with a hint of sweetness from the blue sage. The scent is calming and inviting, perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere or for winding down after a long day.

The Timeless Glass Jar Candle Collection by Swan Creek Candle Co. is a medium sized jar filled with 100% American Soy Bean Wax. A wooden lid comes with every jar candle to ensure a beautiful farmhouse look. Each 12 oz jar candle has a 75+ hour burn time.

Size: 12oz

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