Colonial Candle - Bayberry Scented Tapers 10" (pair)

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Colonial Candle - Bayberry Scented Tapers - Long ago, on historic Cape Cod, a heartwarming Christmas tradition was begun. Wild bayberries grew in abundance in thickets in the sandy woods along the North Atlantic coast.

One inspired Cape Cod women, Mrs. Kimball Baker, picked these wild bayberries, boiled them in her kitchen, and lovingly made hand-dipped Bayberry Taper Candles to give as Christmas gifts to her friends and family. Cherished for their fine quality, smooth velvety appearance, and pleasing natural fragrance, these coveted candles became well known on the Cape.

Soon local merchants were requesting their manufacture. Today, Colonial Candle of Cape Cod continues the tradition for you - our Bayberry candles symbolize sincerity and friendship, and are crafted with the same commitment to fine quality as was present in Mrs. Baker's kitchen.

As folklore goes, "To bring good luck for a year, you must burn a Bayberry Candle on Christmas Day. If the flame burns bright, and the light shines clear, then heaven will bless you all the year."

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